Make Your Own Rules: How To Define Your Style This Summer



Breaking the rules is what we’re going to do this summer. It’s often one of the good times of the year; so why not shake it up with summer street-style fashion, and all vintage collections? We have reached that time of the year where everyone is planning their sizzling, eye-popping summer outfits. The caveat? Throw away your winter clothing; well, at least for now.

Summer has always been a time arousing curiosity, as far as an infinite array of fashion tastes is concerned spiked shorts in light of crop tops’ popularity, I must ask: what would it be like without body-hugging t-shirts?. In summer, it’s easy to pick up something to wear because you can wear the same t-shirt or shirt or even shorts with different accessories; the correct ones on different occasions.                                                                                       

Summer is one of my favourite times of the year — you get to wear loose clothes bringing out elegant simplicity. There are some people who prefer to define themselves through their summer outfits. They carve out and author their personal and collective stories through their summer wear something which might sometimes brings out strands of activism.

But for now, tips for summer are my top priority so that we can rock this summer with the best looks.

Be open-minded, you can make up something you never thought was possible”, said Tendai Kembo, one of the best upcoming thrift store owners in Zimbabwe, born and bred in Harare, Mbare (and is currently based in Harare).

Tendai Kembo owns the online thrift store (kembothrifts) which mainly focuses on vintage street-wear. His collections include caps, t-shirts, knits, jackets, and pants; things that are primarily unisex so as to accommodate everyone.

Tendai mentioned that t-shirts are one of the must-haves items in your summer wardrobe.

“I have a niche of t-shirts where you see a grail and your mind explodes”. He goes on to express his interest in t-shirts, “T-shirts are really interesting for me to collect because they tell a story”.

With the high temperatures we are experiencing, throwing up a merch t-shirt with shorts and a cap with a pair of vans is surely one of the best looks worthy of trying out.

You can never go wrong with that look. “I know a lot of people overlook it, the classic vintage t-shirt and a cap combo and sometimes they always have to dress in a certain way that is weird in nature and I love that because that’s breaking the rules and I love breaking the rules”.

To add to that, you can rock a pair of shorts with some high-top vintage white chucks, animated white socks, a vintage t-shirt and a safari hat. It’s worthy of trying, I must say, and I would love to wear shorts one day”.

How does one rock a vintage street style without a cap and t-shirt? It’s almost next to impossible hence the need to try it out with denim pants and a toyotaline jacket.

This type of look is ideal for summer evenings with light and airy clothing and Tendai suggested as he talked about the beauty of simplicity.

“One of the iconic looks to try out include flannel or any vintage shirt, some Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans, I love vintage jeans they are amazing and with a pair of sk8 hi vans. It’s mostly about making a statement and I live up to the vintage theme and for people to appreciate culture”, he said. When a vintage fashionista has spoken who wouldn’t want to try such a look?

Sneakers are usually the most important things to note when trying to make a bold and cool statement, and sticking to a brand is actually a good idea. According to Tendai, he collects pairs of Vans and Converses to live up to the vintage theme.

When choosing vintage pieces to add to your wardrobe, consider the fashion characteristics you seek in clothing and accessories before you attempt to buy anything.

A vintage tee on kembothrifts online store. IMAGE: KEM.BO THRIFT STORE.

Even while wearing an antique dress that allows you to experiment with different looks and extend your fashion compass, you should still look and feel like you. It’s possible that you won’t wear your antique finds if you don’t feel secure and at ease wearing them.

Clothing is an indispensable element of life in which one needs to feel comfortable and confident, and here, in this case, you don’t need a lot of effort into styling your summer wear. That’s where the power of imagination and creativity comes in — and then voila, you’re ready to amaze the world with your style.

A close friend of mine gave me a tip with a much-needed quip, “Having clothes that will allow you to feel the breeze and coolness in summer means having cool jeans and denim jackets with plain old t-shirts.”

And right at that moment I told myself I’ll have to try it out soon; I thought it was that type of a trendy but simple look everyone [interested] needs to try; and when you top it up with a merch t-shirt, you’re good to go.


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