A Conversation With Hatiperi’s Founder Tinotenda Matayi As The Fashion Brand Releases New Summer Collection



Considering that it is October, you have most likely just achieved the height of your summer glow; or, still falling a bit short. You’re wondering how to maintain your summer romanticism into the fall because the sun is sinking and the weather is getting sultry. Even though the summer season is still young,  you have the opportunity to give the Hatiperi new summer collection a definite try and trust us, it’s worth it. Like, really.

And we had the chance to converse with the originator of the now-conspicuous Hatiperi fashion brand.

“Things used to be hard for us hard for us but we still survived and that’s how we came up with the name Hatiperi”, said Tinotenda Matayi known as Hatiperi Wacho (as his handle on Twitter goes by), the owner of well-known branding enterprise called Hatiperi; who grew up in Marondera but is now based in Harare.

The young aspiring fashion designer has been making waves in the Zimbabwean fashion and branding industry with his unique and beautiful collections since 2018 when this brand was launched.

Tinotenda decided to launch a new Hatiperi summer collection which is basically made up of baseball shirts and outfits, comprising of different colours. A refreshing experience for Zimbabwe’s local clothing industry.

PIC: Twitter

When dressing up, we all desire to make a solid, blistering, and defiant fashion statement and since it’s summer, this is the perfect time to come up with striking looks and styles. Hence a good reason to try the new Hatiperi Summer collection but of course with the right accessories.

With this new collection, it’s easy to find something that complements one’s style because according to Tinotenda, it is in essence designed to accommodate everyone. 

He emphasized the importance of family because his brand caters for everyone and is people-centered.

“Our brand is a people centered brand hence the name ‘HATIPERE’. It’s not for a certain group of people but it’s for those who think and know that ‘Haapere’ – and to those who have lost hope, it’s just a reminder that ‘Hatiperi’,” he mentioned.

Being able to come up with a unique design which will be indelibly cherished by people is always a seemingly insurmountable and arduous challenge to some fashion designers. And to actually have a good output is quite an ambitious mission because most designers battle their inner conflicts to make something that makes them seamlessly connect with their audience. In a true artistic sense.

Giving up and throwing the scissors away is not really a choice to most designers, and for Tinotenda Matayi and his family, they had to make several designs in order to choose one which they were concretely sure was going to have that wow-factor to people. And for them to feel proud of their designs.

“Challenges will always be there. We did many designs some were not what we really wanted but we kept on trying till we had the one we all liked”.

Inspiration is what drives most fashions designers. Design elements and ideals for distinct designs are created by designers with the aid of inspiration. Inspirational elements play a significant role all through the conceptual stage of the designing process in order to develop innovation.  

Mostly, people get [artistically] inspired by visual images, paintings from theatres, or cinema and popular culture; but, according to Tinotenda, he was inspired by other leading fashion connoisseurs instead because of how they uniquely created their enduring brands.

“I’m inspired by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike as well as Kanye West and the late Virgil Abloh. They created brands that everyone want to associate with and I’m really inspired.

“I really love the new summer collection and I’m grateful that a lot of people liked it when it was launched and they ordered the outfit. I was really surprised by the reception I got from people.”

In essence, there are no rigid restrictions when it comes to selecting your summertime wardrobe, whether it’s shorts, dresses, outfits and so forth. But it always comes with a challenge. For the Hatiperi summer collection, there might be a remedy, because “baseball [clothing] is light material suitable for summer”.

This season is the perfect time to let your hair down and break out the fashionista in you.  We’re confident you will find something to wear this summer from the #HatiperiSummer22 collection, whether you’re looking for something fresh to wear to a party or a cookout. You may be guaranteed to look fashionable all season long if you have a handful of these essential pieces in your collection. Their shop location: Eastgate Market Shop F12.


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