Exquisite Nail Art: ‘Pluto Nail Planett’ Is Your Nail Salon For Uniquely Beautiful Manicure and Pedicure



It’s not surprising that we’re all looking for methods to spread joy and contentment after the year we’ve had, and that includes doing so with vibrant, buoyant nail art.

This summer, it is that opportunity to spark it up from head to toe and also to improve our aesthetic look; us, women, are wont to apply nail cosmetics. And Pluto Nail Planet is a reliably dope plug for such beauty.

“Any design that’s colorful with flowers is great”, said Nonhlanhla Claudatte Diriza popularly known as Chloe of Pluto Nail Planet.

The talented nail technician is from Harare, and she owns a nail studio in the Avenues area of town [Corner sixth and central Avenue,Whitecroft building,room 9], which goes by the name Pluto Nail Planett. 

As a nail expert, Chloe mainly focuses on manicure and pedicure and according to her she does trendy nails with multiple designs, and she managed to select straightforward yet striking patterns that are worthy of being tried out, which might improve anyone’s appearance.

One of the designs by Chloe

Nails are basically for everyone, and not restricted to any demographic group by way of age. It doesn’t hurt to be classy even at old age; everyone wants to look their very best and in all honesty, summer is that time to try things out. Get to be adventurous because we all have to be free and fun.

However, according to Chloe, when choosing nail designs and the type, it’s important to consider one’s personality and appearance.

“I look at their [clients’] style, age, skin tone, nail size, type and of course what’s trendy at the time”, she mentioned.

We now live in a digital world where we regularly turn to the internet in order to keep abreast with trendy styles, which basically is how things, life, and stuff  are being done in the contemporary. But, with Chloe, she doesn’t necessarily work that way, and, according to her word, practice makes everything perfect.

“Honestly, practicing more designs with different products and tools may result in you coming up with new techniques hence becoming a trendsetter”, she asserted.

The essence is unique creativity. 

“I’m motivated by my mom. She’s always tells me to keep going and I’m also motivated by feedback from clients”.

Being able to do what you love is really a blessing for Chloe and it is something which she enjoys intrinsically, definitely doing what it essentially takes to make it work.

For her she started the art of nail finessing quite early in life which certainly paved the way for her to be a respectable pro with nails. 

“I’ve always loved nails, I used to do my own nails at a very tender age and here I am doing other people’s nails”.

There are some things which creatives do in order to be distinct, which might include travelling, exploring other cultures, taking formal education qualifications and training courses, etc., in order to come up with ‘perfect’ output. 

But for Chloe it’s very simple; she reads and listens to a lot literature which to us is something that’s unique and different.  

Look no further if you’re prepared to switch out your go-to color for an unusual pattern because Pluto_nail_Planett is surely the best stop for a best trendy nails to try.



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