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    Mcheno and more zimbabwean fashion

    As we get into summer, the exciting sense of looking fresh and clean is palpable, like magic in the air. And this of course transcends summer seasons; it’s only that with summer, the stakes are higher. So to say. As such, there will of course be that need to keep up to date with trends and patterns in vogue: that which makes people of all demographic groups, whether urban or rural, feel that they belong to a collective of some sort; that which makes one feel unique in their distinctive fashion style.

    But what matters the most is serving the needs and wants of fashion adherents — the loyalists who push to influence fashion preferences while at the same time being thoroughly ensconced in such. Those who strive with all their youthful zest to forge a sense of communal belonging via what we wear.

    People define themselves as gleaned from their clothing preferences. And although others may not stress much importance on this, wearing clothes is an indispensable element of existence — a fact of life. A concrete one for that matter.

    Fashion presents human beings with boundless possibilities for exquisite and inspiring creativity. There is always understated elegance in keeping abreast with fashion trends prevailing at a particular time. In this, fashion in itself becomes a sacrosanct yet simple way of curating the history of different peoples.

    One is reminded of a certain epoch in history when they see a particular item of clothing. Such is the infinite power of fashion. It documents our history as communities. It gives us a sense of living in the present. It grants us the opportunity to envision the future.

    And this is where Mcheno & More (or Mcheno n More) comes into play. We come with profound simplicity and humility, yet, at the same time, with a bold resolve to fill in the voids prevalent in Zimbabwe’s documentation of fashion and culture in their entirety. What we aim as a new fashion publication in Zimbabwe is to tell the stories that go untold.

    Mcheno and More is Zimbabwe’s go-to blog for the latest fashion and culture news, trends, and updates; a relevant guide for the fashionistas and the aspiring; for those who have and those who constitute the subaltern classes; it is Zimbabwe’s ultimate place for everything and more. Mcheno and More is armed with infinite possibilities.

    We document the people, the brands, and the stories that are creating synthetic, homegrown Zimbabwean fashion. The Zimbabwean fashion industry has been subdued due to economic woes and ideological erosion. But there’s been a renaissance, with a new generation of fashionistas, taking inspiration from established global brands, but creating distinctly Zimbabwean art.

    This is the new generation we want to put a spotlight on. This is Zimbabwe’s fashion story. Not just for their sake, but for future generations’ sake. So that 30 years from now, our children can take inspiration from what we did, because it’s there, because it’s documented.

    Zimbabwean fashion is diverse, cognizant of Zimbabweans themselves, and we want to give the reader that all round coverage.

    It’s truly Mcheno and more; from tips on how to rock that perfect look, to reports on the latest updates in the Zimbabwean fashion sphere, to feature articles with an in depth analysis of concepts that touch beyond fashion.

    Our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give you daily, on-the-fingertips access to everything Zimbabwean fashion..

    The publication presents endless possibilities for pioneering new frontiers in terms of fashion and culture that transcend the confines of Zimbabwe’s borders; this being achieved through cutting-edge reportage of fashion and culture, and by doing this, creating powerful communities of younger and older populations – across all social strata – whose rallying point is solidarity. Solidarity that acts as a conduit for unorthodox, unconventional, and revolutionary self and collective expression.

    Mcheno n More is our platform, as a collective people in Zimbabwe and Africa – and the world at large – to tell our own stories, to own our narratives. It proffers a much-needed break and departure from crass mimicry so that we bust tired tropes about who we are as a people, so that we are able to tap into our originality in reclaiming our pride, dignity, and worth. Particularly for young people.

    This is a platform for iconoclasts — a history of past fashion pioneers intertwined with the present fashion drivers who are aiming for heights never reached before. It is the full expression what looking smart and sharp is like: how this goes beyond what we are wearing in telling how innovative and brilliant we are as a people. Kuchena. Yet, it’s more than mcheno — it’s mcheno n more.

    So there you have it folks, Mcheno&More is here: your window to the world of Zimbabwean fashion, and much much more.


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