Football Season Is Here: The Perfect Combination Tips For Your Team Jerseys

No matter which team you support, the ultimate form of support for a fanatic is the team jersey. Team jerseys give fans a sense of belonging, can be a source of playful (sometimes serious) banter and we give you tips on how to improve your wardrobe with some sports fashion.

best football jerseys to wear sports fashion


As Zimbabweans, our love for football dates back to pre-independence; when someone’s grandfather was at Rufaro Stadium every Sunday whilst a whole war was raging on. Post-independence, football reverberates throughout Zimbabwe, from the “hweshe” played in dusty streets, to the amateur leagues, to the Zim Premier Soccer League, and to the mostly disappointing national team with its sparse glimmers of hope.

Through the terribly bad FIFA suspension, the poor infrastructure, the juju accusations, the match fixing scandals, Zimbabwe remains a footballing nation at heart. Football is deeply ingrained in our collective psyche.

We love football so much that we’re willing to pledge allegiances to foreign teams, and treat them as if they were playing in our own backyards.

But I digress; this is a fashion news blog after all. So, yet another football season has come.

Spain and England started off their leagues on the 11th of August, followed by the French Ligue 1 which kicked off on the 12th. The Bundesliga commenced a week after everyone else, on the 18th. Amidst the pomp and fanfare around it all, there’s one common denominator, or rather, thread: team jerseys.

No matter which team you support, the ultimate form of support for a fanatic is the team jersey. Team jerseys give fans a sense of belonging, can be a source of playful (sometimes serious) banter, and we here at Mcheno&More believe are actually a really great addition to your wardrobe. There’s just so many style combos you can pull off with your team jersey.

My Personal Favorite

My favorite way of wearing football jerseys (I say this as a Kylian Mbappe fan and your not so ideal girly girl) is as a dress/t-shirt dress. Since the goal is comfort and simplicity, get a pair of matching socks, studs and the ultimate comfort shoe which is not really a shoe; Crocs.

Sounds unconventional, but imagine it’s game night and you are with your husband/boyfriend, or it’s just girls’ day out with your little fan club. Wearing your team jersey as a t-shirt dress ensures your man stays close. If you’re out with the girls, a t-shirt dress plus a face card that never declines is the perfect bait to catch you some fine football fans, my lovelies.

Girly Girl ? Girl, I Gotchu

If you’re a girly girl, you’ll never go wrong with a skirt and a pair of classic sneakers( AJ1s or AF1’s). And why don’t you show a little skin while you’re at it, because who said you can’t tie that t-shirt on the waist and make it a cute top. I know you stole that jersey from your boyfriend, but match with him on match day in your tiny, long, pencil, flared or whatever skirt and finally become a ‘supportive girlfriend’, literally. Not a fan of sneakers? I understand. It’s hot outside. Instead, wear that cute pair of sandals or pumps and get stepping .

Big Boys and Tomboys

Okay big boys, the die hard fans, the ‘intended audience’, this is for you. Those cargo pants aren’t going to wear themselves are they? I know you want to flex that summer body you’ve been working on all winter , but how will Stella know you are an Arsenal fan? So pair your cargo pants with your team’s third kit, that way you can stand out from the rest.

Girls, if you’re going for the tomboy aesthetic, pair your team jersey with some boyfriend jeans or baggy shorts. No need for them to be ripped, stay classy! Like I always say, look hot without trying, scoring off the field. As for the shoes, make sure to maintain that sporty vibe. No need for loafers, or tennis shoes (leave that for the skaters). Sneakers, whether low cut or high cut, will do the trick.

For the Momma’s

Now before the moms start whining, I have your backs too. A woman who loves football is such a powerful force, you can sense it as they enter a room, commanding respect, inspiring awe. I love you mommas .Now get your favorite pair of biker shorts or skinny jeans and rock that jersey! Top it off with a pair of matching earrings and sneakers . Dress like the legend you are, be a mystery. The goal is to be pretty and look simple but never simpler .

Dear Daddy

Imagine this. Friday is finally here, and it’s casual day at the office. You want to get on the boss’ good side and you know he is a Manchester United fan. Lucky for you, your daughter got you the TeamViewer jersey on Father’s day but you never wear it because you don’t know how. Well you are in luck, get those jeans your wife bought last week. Yes, the black ones that are just right. Get that beautiful red and white jersey and some black sneakers to complete the look.
Not only will your daughter beam with pride and finally understand how you stole her mother’s heart, but the boss will probably invite you to watch a game with him. That promotion is surely on it’s way now.

So there you have it my lovelies. Team jerseys will never go out of fashion, so why not make them part of your aesthetic. Enjoy the rest of the season while looking fresh with these simple style combos. Even if your team gets relegated, at least you’ll be looking good as you watch it all fall apart.


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