Black Effect release their final drop of FW23: A limited edition Biker Jacket




As most brands wrap up their winter releases in preparation for SS23, Black Effect Apparel, an emerging fashion brand in Zimbabwe has put the nail in the coffin. Their latest Biker Jacket release is the perfect end to a busy FW23 for Zimbabwean brands, and arguably one of their best pieces to date.

Having been in the game for five years, a biker jacket was a much needed addition to their sprawling collection.

Founder and Creative Director of Black Effect Apparel Walter Murungu was desirous of creating a piece that represents the core essence of Black Effect’s unfiltered identity, hence the classic black and white colour scheme.

He says “Biker jackets are one of the essential pieces for most streetwear brands (Diesel, OFF-WHITE, Supreme). I thought why not have a Biker Jacket that represents us as Black Effect [here in Zimbabwe] hence the colourway, a black and white contrast.”

The Black Effect biker jacket is made of a unique leather that is not commonly used for biker jackets. It is waterproof and tear-resistant, even if you try and cut it, making it more durable than conventional biker jackets.

“Our biker jacket is made of a different fabric that we normally use and it falls in the leather category, it’s waterproof and it’s also tear resistant unless cut which makes it more durable,” Murungu highlights.

What makes the design distinctively ‘Black Effect’ is the front design.

A perfect black and white contrast, a unique collar, and to top it all off, the embroidered Black Effect lettering make this an exquisite design by all accounts, and easy on the eye too.

The aesthetics cannot be easily glossed over and ought to be rightly lauded.

Murungu says the jackets were not made for mass production, but rather a limited edition release.

Iniitially, they planned to auction them off to the highest bidders, but Murungu feels they didn’t promote the auction well enough and in enough time for it to have an impact on the market.

hey are now available on an order basis for those interested in owning a piece of Zimbabwean streetwear history.

“First of all, the jackets weren’t made for a lot of sales, the method of selling them was to auction them and the highest bidders get the jackets but people were not aware and we didn’t campaign much for that selling method. Nevertheless, to those who will buy we expect authenticity, pride and value for purchasing the jackets as they are only a few made showing other brands what we can also do,” explains Murungu.

Nonetheless, half of the Biker Jackets have already been sold, and Murungu expects the pieces to be sold out by end of August.

He thanks the loyal legion of Black Effect supporters who pre-orderered the jackets before they were even released.

For those who feel left out, Murungu has some reassuring words. The good news is the Black Effect summer release is for everyone.

“We are already anticipating our SS23 release sooner than expected. We are going to bring amazing designs that will be open to everyone,” says Murungu.

Well, if this is how Black Effect have decided to close off the winter, we are eagerly awaiting for their first summer drop.

Meanwhile, you can check out previous releases and stay updated on new releases via their social media: @blackeffect.apparel on all relevant socials.


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