From Runways to Red Carpets: Exploring Fashion’s Intended Use and Local Designers’ Impact

Fashion shows and red carpet events serve as platforms to showcase the creative vision of designers and propose new trends.

Zimbabwe fashion runway clothes industry

Fashion shows are exciting events that offer designers an opportunity to display their vision and creativity. The garments showcased on the runway are often conceptual pieces meant to push boundaries and set new trends.

They serve as a showcase for designers to display their skills and artistry, but they might not be practical for everyday wear.

These clothes are carefully crafted to convey a specific message, evoke emotions, or generate media attention, rather than being created with practicality and daily wear in mind.

Red Carpet Events: Glamour and High Fashion

Red carpet events, on the other hand, present an occasion where celebrities and attendees can embrace glamour and don couture outfits. However, it is important to remember that the clothing worn on the red carpet serves a specific purpose. These ensembles are designed to make a bold statement, generate buzz, and contribute to the overall ambiance of the event. The extravagant and sometimes controversial choices made by celebrities are all part of the spectacle, highlighting their individuality and sparking conversation.

The Unique Case: Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

One of the most famous examples of red carpet fashion that should not be replicated in everyday life is the iconic meat dress worn by Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

The dress, created entirely from raw meat, was widely criticized and sparked debates about ethical and sanitary concerns.

While it certainly made a memorable fashion statement, it is important to acknowledge that this outfit was crafted specifically to provoke discussion and push boundaries rather than being appropriate for regular use.

Red-Carpet Events with Themes

Certain red-carpet events, like the renowned Met Gala, incorporate themes each year, providing an opportunity for attendees to showcase their interpretation of the theme through unique and elaborate outfits. These events blend creativity, fashion, and art and provide a platform for designers to experiment while captivating a global audience. Local fashion designers should harness the inspiration and exposure provided by these themes to break into the international market. By aligning their designs with the mood and theme of these events, they can make a lasting impact with their craftsmanship and perspective.

Local Fashion Designers: Making Their Mark

In Zimbabwe, there is a vibrant fashion scene with talented local designers creating high-quality and innovative designs. It is time to recognize and support these designers, as they offer excellent alternatives to international brands. Local designers often embody the culture and essence of their region in their creations, making them unique and highly sought after. By celebrating and embracing these designers, we can foster a thriving fashion industry that values authenticity and local talent, while providing consumers with top-notch garments.


Fashion shows and red carpet events serve as platforms to showcase the creative vision of designers and propose new trends. Understanding the intended use of garments showcased at these events helps differentiate them from everyday wear.

While red carpet ensembles often make headlines, it is essential to recognize that they are crafted for a specific purpose and should not be replicated without considering the context.

Additionally, local fashion designers deserve recognition and support, as their unique offerings bring quality and authenticity to the fashion industry.

By encouraging the growth of local fashion scenes, we can tap into the international market while promoting diversity and individuality in fashion.


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