That Time of the Month? Some Tips for Your Comfort and Style




There are three certainties in a woman’s life. Death, taxes and the monthly sojourn to Period City. The whirlwind of emotions and the harrowing period cramps will have one forgoing everything and seeking only one thing; comfort.

While comfort is key, that doesn’t mean sacrificing your own personal style and letting the red days win. Don’t worry, I, your Style Muvva (yes I just gave myself that title), come with handy tips to help you dress for comfort and stay stylish whilst on your period.

I know it sounds tempting to just hibernate and reappear after the week of cervical mourning, but hot girls don’t stop just because the ovaries are doing their thing. Whether you are at home, school or work, the world won’t stop just because you didn’t fall pregnant this month.

The Mcheno Period Pack

What kind of Style Muvva would I be if I just gave you the style guide before giving you the survival guide ? Before you even think of looking good during Bloody Mary week, you actually have to survive it first. So grab your small shopping basket, we are going period pack shopping in our ‘Suggestive Store ‘.

First things first, hygiene.

Let’s explore the different brands of pads, tampons and menstrual cups available. My personal preference for pads is Kotex, Always or Stayfree. I recommend pads that have a cotton lining because they are less irritating and provide increased comfort, which is what we’re looking for.

Don’t forget to change your pad every three to four hours, depending on the flow. This is obviously how you stay odour-free and fyi, it reduces your chances of getting cervical cancer, my lovelies. Tampons work too, along with the other stuff. It’s always up to your personal preference.

Remember to choose sanitary wear that compliments your flow, and most importantly, that gives you comfort. Onto the snacks aisle, of course. Snacking while on your period helps the brain release “happy hormones” like dopamine and serotonin. These hormones assist the body with a natural pain relief.

I know periods will have you craving for anything really, so take your pick, my lovelies. As for my go-to snacks, I go for anything sweet. Chocolate, cakes, candy, you name it.

For fluids, I encourage juices that are rich in iron. My preference is red grape or good old Mazoe Orange Crush. I wouldn’t want you to faint and create a scene in public because of low blood iron.

Don’t forget to include some hot, homecooked meals in your period diet though, the body needs that warmth. Oh I almost forgot, something for the pain.

PAIN FREAKING KILLERS, these are a must.

We all know the lady in red, she never comes and goes peacefully. It’s a fight for your life, literally. Select a painkiller which gives you the best relief, and remember to check for any allergies.

My personal favorite is RefPain ,fast action relief and long lasting. And with that, our mini shopping spree comes to an end, with your shopping basket full of goodies. Now that you’re armed with your survival kit, let’s get to the style guide.

‘Dress’ to Impress

I know the idea of a dress sounds like it was made in the depths of hell by the first three demons, but hear me out my lovelies. Dresses are the perfect ‘period piece’. I’d suggest opting for loose-fitting dresses. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in an already uncomfortable situation.

Another great tip is to pair dresses with biker shorts and tights. They help to keep your pad/tampon/menstrual cup in place, so you can worry less about unexpected leaks. Here are some comfy, easy-to-wear dresses to try wearing on your period:

• Maxi dress

• Slip dress

• T-shirt dress

Loose but porch

Okay, maybe you swore a pact to never satisfy the male gaze by wearing dresses in public. That’s where loose fitted/elasticated trousers come in to save the day. They require minimal effort to put together, making it a match made in heaven when you’re on your period.

Try pairing your bottoms of choice with a nice blouse to trick people into thinking you’re all put together. If trousers aren’t your cup of tea, here are some options :

• Leggings

• Jeggings

• Flared trousers

Cozy and Cute

A cozy and laid back look ensures you look good while you manage to ‘smile through the pain’. Who’s going to know about the sharp pangs attacking your abdominal area when you’re in a oversized cotton t-shirt you stole from your boyfriend’s closet?

They’re also perfect for hiding the bloating that comes with periods, hence cushioning your self confidence. Pair your cotton t-shirt with some biker shorts ,our trusted all weather friend for comfort and simplicity.

Work It! In Athleisure

Are you a fitness fanatic even during ‘Bloody Mary’ week? Now more than ever, the lines between your exercise aesthetic and your ‘normal clothes’ are blurred.

Fitness is now more than just a leisure acticity, it has become a lifestyle. And just like that, monochromic athleisure is now the red-hot trend.

Lucky for us, girlies.

When exercising on your period, three things matter most. Comfort, avoiding embarrassing stains and not wanting your sanitary pad to show through your clothing.

Stay worry-free by using ultra-thin pads or just using a tampon so there aren’t any odd-looking bulges, giving you utmost comfort and unwavering confidence.

How do you make gymwear street-ready? Layer it up! Pair those tights with some snazzy puffer jacket or the always reliable denim jacket. You can even accessorize with some dark shades and a cap.

With athleisure, it’s possible to go straight from the gym to the club. Just make sure you take a much needed hot shower in-between.

Style Muvva’s Tip: For the guys reading this to help out their wives, girlfriend(s) or moms, offer that woman a massage and take over the chores please. She could use a break because ‘Bloody Mary’ is a brutal and relentless fighter. Obviously you wouldn’t know anything about that. So just take my word for it.


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