Suchi Nuchi AW24: Streetwear Brand rings in 2024 with eye-catching Graphic Tees



Since September 2022, Mcheno and More has worked tirelessly to document the names and brands that are making up part of an urban culture renaissance in Zimbabwe.

When we started out, most creatives didn’t even understand (or care for) our purpose within that renaissance.

But, thanks to the work we started doing when no one cared, each passing day becomes a vindication of our initial point – storytellers are essential to the growth of any industry.

Take this story of Shelton ‘Shella’ Nhira and his brand Suchi Nuchi, for example.

When we came across Suchi Nuchi, it was just three months old, and had just dropped its second release (and first ever collaboration) with fellow rising streetwear brand Major Static.

Humble beginnings, big vision — Shelton “Shella” Nhira

At the time, all Shella had was a dream and a logo.

Indeed, the kids were still using the 2017 model of the Zim brand – make the logo, print it on a readymade tee, focus on generating hype, rinse and repeat.

We could’ve disregarded the two young ‘designers’ for that approach, but we chose to focus on the best thing that they got right – collaboration.

Suchi Nuchi Summer/Spring 2023

And so, we did. And the rest is history.

Eight months later, after an unmatched run of consistency, Suchi Nuchi has delivered two graphic tees as their first drop of Autumn/Winter ‘24, a long way from where they started.

The evolution of Suchi Nuchi to more detailed designs was inevitable, as Shella shares;

“We chose tees as the focal point for our release because we’ve been planning to introduce a collection featuring graphics, departing from our usual designs.”

The tees come in two colorways – black and white; and two designs that take inspiration from the brand’s identity and ethos.

Suchi Nuchi Autumn/Winter 2024

In the front, the brand name is prominently displayed just above “Est. 23” – an immediate reminder of just how quickly Suchi Nuchi has managed to scale.

However, the front is nothing but a decoy to make you think Suchi Nuchi is still in the past. They let it all out in the back, with striking graphics that cover the entire tee.

The first tee features the brand name in grey, alongside the brand’s tagline – ‘No Offense’; complemented by an arrow and star motif – a tinge of orange.

‘Arrow’ graphic tee in white

“The arrow in the middle motivates the wearer with the message ‘no offense’ – reminding them to rise above challenges. The star at the bottom signifies our commitment to excellence, signifying that we are all stars destined for greatness,” Shella explains the design.

The second tee plays around with the brand name and the tag line, using varying font types and sizes to put together an alluring design.

‘Brand name’ graphic tee in black

Barely two weeks after Suchi Nuchi dropped this hot new release – a departure from the usual, orders have been pouring in from customers who have watched the brand grow.

“Everyone loves them, and we’re currently fulfilling orders due to high demand,” beams Shella.

To conclude, Shella reveals that their first drop of 2024 was just to whet the appetite of its legion of customers, adding;

“As the year progresses, we may introduce additional designs to keep our customers excited. We have cargo pants in the pipeline, and we’ll be unveiling tracksuits for winter.”

Barely a year in, Suchi Nuchi is already breaking ground for a new era in its design approach.

Indeed, their first drop of 2024 marks a significant milestone for the brand, setting the stage for an exciting year ahead.

We’ll be closely watching their subsequent releases, and hope to get a capsule collection before the season ends.

Stay updated about everything Suchi Nuchi on their Instagram page. There, you can place your order of your favorite Suchi Nuchi piece so far (so many options), or alternatively; you can place your order via WhatsApp.


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