Zimbabwe Fashion Collaborations: Suchi Nuchi and Major Static Come Together To Create Positive Narratives


If you want to fully experience this article and read it in a way that is more than just any other write-up on the world wide web, then you have to trust me enough to allow my somewhat pleasant and eccentric prose to guide not only your eyes but your lovely mind as well. Shall we begin? Well…

Picture a universe where a young ambitious boy, Shelton Tadiwa Nhira (aka Shella) who is soon to be the founder of Suchi Nuchi, exists. He is very much keen on playing football, and he gets transferred to a different school, yet again.


In another different universe, imagine another young boy, Munashe Martin Mushati (aka Swiss) soon to be Major Static’s founder. It’s a bright new day which means another rap battle being engaged in during recess. But let me let you in on a secret; a secret so powerful it leads to a brand formation. The secret being that this young bright boy is secretly awed by the BET Awards.

Munashe Martin

But not the glamorous and profligate ceremony in its entirety; rather, the celebrities’ designer clothes seize his whole attention and being so much that he desires to pursue Fashion and Fabrics in his studies. 

But in the broken communities our lives are subjected to, it can be a Herculean task to bring some creative aspirations to fruition. Notwithstanding this, some still strive in a broken world. Fashion and Fabrics is for girls, at least that’s what his teacher says.

But this story is not the story you think it is. This is not going the way you think it is. Just hold on for a second. Pause, and we will come back to this paragraph in a moment.

‘We Mean No Offense’: The Journey of the Fashion Brand ‘Suchi Nuchi’

Let’s talk about Suchi Nuchi. Once called Shella (since it was created by Shella), it was founded on the origination of the letters SN. The idea of making a brand was far from crafted. It’s just like when you see something pretty and in the depths of your soul you know something beautiful can be made out of a sketchy idea. And the final product was to later come out in a bid to try to make an extension of the letters SN.

It took some time and well-needed friend’s involvement to figure out they could provide something brilliant from the initials. That’s when Suchi Nuchi came into frame.

Suchi Nuchi means ‘no offense’ and that’s the main message of the brand. The consumers wearing the brand get to embody the modern day Gen Z mantra of a break-the-rules approach to life and art; the drink some water and mind your business approach.

And the major emphasis is this: we mean no offence to anyone regarding the lifestyle they lead and the decisions they make. The target audience is mostly the youthful demographic, and merchandise production commenced in March 2023.

The merch varied from t -shirts, hoodies, caps, and puff jackets, to tracksuits. Currently they are based in Zimbabwe and South Africa only but have plans to expand.

Grateful to Tinashe Mutarisi, for he provided advice in the art of business which has proved to be helpful and informative for this nascent Zimbabwean fashion brand. Although they have Zimbabwean origins, they envisage to make a brand that can be recognised beyond the confines of national borders in order to cater for international clientele.

Enter Another Brand: The Story of ‘Major Static’

A random English dictionary entry describes the word ‘major’ as ‘significant or essentially important’. Whilst ‘static’ is considered to be ‘something stagnant and in a constant state where it’s not to be changed’. The combination of the two words gives you ‘Major Static’, which are the words to the brand Major Static, or MST for short.

So let’s talk about that.

MST is a streetwear brand that is set on taking the country by storm. Arguably. When people wear the merch of this brand, they should feel important and confident in their own skin.

Other people’s ideologies should not change the way they feel when they look at themselves or carry out their tasks.

The dreams and the ideologies they believe in and endure to strive for should not be hindered by what other people believe, even if it’s as simple as not believing that Thor is the greatest avenger or that boys aren’t allowed in a space that is supposedly meant for girls. A bit of head-trip isn’t it —it’s usually the other way around.

On that note, have you ever heard of he for she; because l would like to twist it around and make it a she for he.

Allow me to take a moment to implant the fact that one Tinotenda Kanjande has been there for the founder of Major Static (Swiss) since day one into your head. A great motivator and an avid supporter, she is a true example of what it means to be a good friend.

Swiss had a rough childhood but that didn’t put him down. You must be thinking who hasn’t had a rough childhood?

But it’s the fact that he took and made something from it that can be celebrated and admired such that we write about him today. Patience is a virtue; give yourself a high five if you know that one; and it has also been a key takeaway in the journey of making The Major Static brand.

Quality over quantity, just throwing another one out there in case you missed the other one, research is key in order to produce a product you can both be proud and satisfied about.

But if there’s anything that movies like The Flash, Crossovers and Spiderman taught us it’s that a world where a multiverse is considered then things tend to get a whole lot complicated.

The Collaboration Between Suchi Nuchi and Major Static

So let’s merge them. It’s one universe, the same universe and these two go to the same school. Years later, having gone their separate ways and pursuing different paths, they stumbled back together to create a merge because, why not? After all, great minds think alike, yes another quote Suchi Nuchi deal with it. (See what l did there cause Suchi Nuchi means…never mind).

Whilst interviewing the founder of MST, Swiss, he said something that l liked when l asked him what the best part of this collaboration was. 

He put it this way: “my customers liked his [Shella’s] craft and his customers liked my craft.” Ingenious thinking if you ask me (even if you aren’t going to).

Unity brought them together (how many of your high school classmates do you still even talk to) and unity gave birth to the best of both worlds for customers.

I digress. So hence l write a lot also, so if you didn’t take away the key fact from this article that’s okay. The key fact being that this is a headline collaboration between two relatively new brands that already realize the importance of synergies.

This was supposed to be covered on three levels. One, to give the brands an opportunity to introduce themselves and infuse a little bit about themselves and their journeys. Two, speaking on the collaboration. Finally, the third being quote on quote a ‘let’s collaborate more ‘propaganda article to the fashion industry ‘.    

From this article, then at least remember the following: Ariana Grande was rejected in the school choir; the  editor of American Vogue Anna Wintour was fired because her shoots were too edgy; and Hugh Jackman was fired at a convenience store because he talked too much to the customers and that wasn’t even the beginning of their stories.

I have a feeling this is not the last we’ve heard of these two brands.

Definitely check out their Instagram handles:

(@Suchi_Nuchi_zw; @EmSwissForever; @Mst_clothing_)



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