Haus of Stone opens showroom at Helensvale Shopping Centre in Harare

Danayi Madondo, the founder and creative director of Haus of Stone,says she wanted to create a physical space where her clients can connect with the brand and its products.


By Nathaniel Gondo

Haus of Stone has opened a showroom at Helensvale Shopping Centre in Harare, which not only houses their merchandise but a range of other homegrown brands that you just have to know about.

Founder and Creative Director Danayi Madondo has steered Haus of Stone from humble beginnings, to one of the most sought after fashion brands in Zimbabwe.

Starting off with plain designs, Danayi began exploring textile manipulation and a variety of handcraft skills as a way of giving character to the designs.

This has proven to be the better road to take for Danayi, as she says her work now resonates with her soul, while still expressing her creativity and aesthetic.

“Before, I was more interested in chasing trends,” says Danayi. “Now, I want to create timeless art pieces that have a story and intention behind them. I want to use fashion not only as a form of storytelling, but also as a way to archive our existence.”

Madondo says she wanted to create a physical space where her clients can connect with the brand and its products. The showroom is also a platform for other Zimbabwean creatives to showcase their work. This has in turn created a space where Haus of Stone clients can discover even more homegrown brands.

Madondo explains, “I also knew of other incredible female creatives with amazing products that would beautifully complement my own, so I thought it would be great to highlight my own work alongside theirs, creating a one-stop shopping experience for made-in-Zimbabwe designer lifestyle goods. The space would provide a unique opportunity for my clients to connect with me and my work, and it would also be a great place for people to discover other Zimbabwean products.”

The showroom therefore gives fashion enthusiasts a one-stop shopping experience.

Some of the brands found at the showroom include Patch Maoko, a handbag brand known for its bold and colorful designs; Handcraft Zimbabwe, known for its handcrafted homeware and furniture; and Rungano Rwedu, known for their bold and unique accessories.

The showroom has been well-received by customers, and Madondo says she is grateful for the support. “I am so grateful for the overwhelmingly positive and euphoric response to my work. It has been truly humbling to see such support for the work Zimbabwean creative women are doing.”

Madondo also aims to host workshops and events at the showroom, which will provide customers with the opportunity to learn about traditional textile techniques and connect with other like-minded individuals.

“We offer beautifully considered and produced Zimbabwean artisanal designs, as well as manual textiles workshops and exclusive events for our loyal clients. Our workshops teach participants traditional textile techniques, and our events provide a unique opportunity for our clients to connect with other like-minded individuals.”

The showroom is located at Helensvale Shopping Centre, inside Emagumeni Shopping Centre. They’re open Thursdays to Sundays. Thursday to Saturday they open from 11AM to 7PM, then on Sunday they close at 5PM. Visit the showroom for yourself and tell us what you think.


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