Winter fashion in Zimbabwe: Here are the winter must-haves you need



By Rue Rusere

The thought of winter always made me fawn so much I would get sick just by contemplating on what I was going to wear all season. I didn’t know about the must-haves then and with such scant knowledge, I would just buy whatever caught my eye and fill my closet — and then complain incessantly of not having adequate, satisfactory winter clothes when all was said and done.

Thank heavens, I later mastered the art of buying the must-haves for every winter season. And since then, the convenience and happiness have been unmatched.

See, every closet must have these items of clothes [that I’ll mention in this article) that are pretty much versatile and can be worn with a whole bunch of different items; yet still cool and cozy to make one look good, and, most importantly feel good.

There’s a plethora of winter must-haves available for one’s selection, but in this piece I will focus on those directly linked to mean winter. I understand we all have different styles but I believe these mandatory (yes, allow me to use that word, LOL) clothing items for winter apply to everyone unless you’re  cousin to Cruella and can rock up in anything and still feel warm, comfy and elegant.

Winter is dreadful on its own but a great friend of mine once expressed to me that when you’re at your lowest, put more effort in your dressing so you can cover up  for that part that’s not feeling good. And I have applied this little piece of advice (religiously for that matter) every time I feel like I’ve been run down by a truck — I consistently strive to dress exceptionally well, and, at the end of the day, I feel remarkably better.

So here are your winter must-haves. This applies to both men and women.

Looking great and comfy in winter seasons starts with having the following clothing pieces: long coats, light sweaters, polo necks, warm tights, and some boots. 

A long winter coat is the most important  closet must-have for winter as it can fit for any type of occasion and look.

From attending a formal meeting to an outdoor luncheon, long coats guarantee elegance, but you have to understand who you are (as in, properly properly know who you are and what looks great on you)  so you know the coat colour to buy and the type. 

It is wise to invest in two or 3 coats but seeing that not many of us are friends or cousins to the gold mafia it’s a tad safer to buy what you can afford; but preferably in a colour that can be worn with a whole load of different colours. For example navy blue ,brown or black. You can never go wrong with a long coat.

Secondly we have the light sweaters, now these can transform any look .They can make you look neat and presentable in most cases but what I love most is that they’re really comfortable. Proper for desirable well-being in winter.

It is wise to own more of these as they are cheaper than coats and they can pretty much slide in anything — you can pair them with a coat for warmth on harsher days.

Thirdly we must have polo necks in winter. Like, definitely have polo necks in winter fam. These will substitute our tops but you don’t have to wear them without a vest or something inside since its winter we have less time for laundry so keep it clean.

Image credit: Men’s Health

Polo necks can also remove that you-are-too-formal look that comes with blazers as you can slide them inside your silk shirts or blouse. Who said you cannot look great in winter?

In addition, one must have long winter tights as this keep the feet and legs warm. My mother always says the cold gets in through your feet; no need to layer up on your upper body whilst you have flimsy pumps on your feet. 

It would be a meaningless ramble if I tell you about the must haves and leave footwear out and this brings me to the last must have which is boots.

These can be long or short depending with what you love and are comfortable in but all I need is for you to own a pair and stay warm this winter. 

Always remember, you can feel warm and look great at the same time and you don’t have to be all extravagant and dress like Anna Wintour when its strains your budget. Live within your means …




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