Stars29 Brightens Up SS23 with the Vibrant ‘Crayola Edition’ T-Shirt




If you’re looking for a way to add some colour to your wardrobe this season, look no further than Stars29’s latest collection. The Zimbabwean fashion streetwear brand has just released its first drop of Spring/Summer 2023 (SS23), and it’s a playful tribute to the unhindered childhood joy of crayons.

The collection consists of a single item: a t-shirt, available in four different colours – white, orange, green and black.

The front of the t-shirt features a simple but eye-catching logo of the brand name, written in a font that resembles crayon scribbles. The back of the t-shirt is where the magic happens: the brand name is scrambled and framed in a rainbow of colours, creating a striking contrast with the solid background.

Below the colourful collage, a small italic text reads “Avant Garde Classics”, a nod to the experimental and innovative spirit that has defined Stars29 since its inception.

The inspiration for the collection came from an unexpected source: music.

“We draw inspiration from many different sources, but for this collection it was from a song and the music video which unfortunately we can not disclose,” reveals Creative Director Tino Mufudzi.

But the collection is not just a whimsical homage to a musical piece; it also has a deeper meaning that resonates with the personal experiences of the designers and the customers.

Mufudzi explains: “Each colour might represent different issues that you went through and these colours take you back to your childhood where you had no limits at all. Colouring anything literally brings it to life. So with this collection we are, in essence, breathing life into the sorrows of people and bringing smiles to their faces.”

The collection is designed to appeal to a wide range of customers, regardless of their age or style preferences.

“This collection was created not just for kids, but to accommodate adults as well,” asserts Mufudzi.

The collection was also produced in record time, thanks to the efficiency and expertise of the Stars29 team.

“From the time we had the idea to the time of this release, I think it was a period of one month,” says Mufudzi.

“We never really take that long when it comes to implementing ideas because we want to get into production and get everything ready for the market as soon as possible. We never want to delay.”

As for what’s next for Stars29, Mufudzi hints at more surprises in store for SS23, but rules out any collaborations for now.

“We might release a new collection before the year ends, so keep an eye out. Collaborations will not be happening anytime soon, but just save your money because anything can happen,” he says.

If you’re in Bulawayo, you can get your hands on the ‘Crayola Edition’ t-shirt at Shop 29 at Haddons and Sly Complex.

You can also order online via social media by visiting their official page(s): Stars29.


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