Set Your Trend and Feel Outstanding With Your Own Fashion Style, Asserts Designer RORI BISAMU On His New Collection


“I’ve always loved clothes, I have always wanted to look not just different but bold and outstanding”, said Zimbabwean fashion designer Brandon Rorisang Muganda known by his brand name called RORI BISAMU, who is deeply passionate about creating history through his new evoking fashion designs made of a distinct flair.

Being able to feel comfortable and at great ease in what you wear is what we all desire. If your wardrobe fits you incredibly well, you can still try new things in a way that feels a tad elegant, rather than messy. But the bottom-line here is to make a choice which does not come off as a manifest affront to others.

Speaking to Brandon he remarked, “I think fashion is subjective – it’s a free world we live in and our choices or decisions should be made to satisfy ourselves as long as they don’t harm other people.

“It was until I thought to myself, ‘why not make clothes so that other people get to experience my perspective?’ which is materializing the ethereal; hence the theme for my first assembly – CORPOREALITY.”

It is every designers’ goal to be different and have distinct tastes and unique styles of their own, which defines them and their brand. It is their identity. “What makes my brand special is the fabric; I try to emphasize on texture and form”, said Brandon.

“For my brand, mix it up and have fun with it. I’ve created a collection with different types of tones so that it’s easier to put together an outfit without having to struggle with colour complements.

“In general, the best style to conform to is confidence, but again have fun with fabrics, jumble the patterns textures and colours”.  

Since fashion loyalists continue to religiously follow designers’ moves in the fashion world, designers relentlessly strive to promote the rather-esoteric significance they know people place on fashion, and as long as this trend continues, fashion will continue to hold a prominent position in society for a long time. It is a given.

“Dystopia means a world where nothing is perfect and I chose to base a part my collection off of this because we literally do live in an imperfect society. The avant garde part of it is where I try out new textures with fabrics that aren’t commonly used in the fashion world”, mentioned Brandon as he described his new collection.

New releases have some meaning and reason behind their launch. Most of them have background stories and dedications as well. They might be a reflection or embodiment of the designers’ life, or an achievement to a certain stage in his or her life. But to Brandon, every new release is a also a new fashion experience altogether.  

“This new collection means new beginnings for me – that may sound great but it is sometimes scary because I don’t know how things might turn out but nevertheless I still persevere and I still try and still do”.

His recent show of the RORI BISAMU collection launch which was held in the past recent weeks, was a success and to him though to him it was just a start but a good one and also making his first sale, “It’s an achievement yes, but not the greatest. However, It is quite noble that someone actually appreciates the idea enough to buy it”.

We all know that creators have steps to follow when creating, they try to gather things in one place so as to have a great output and according to Brandon it is necessary to follow it whenever there is need to create something.

He broke down his creative process into four parts: “thought process, pencil pen and paper, research and gathering resources, respectively”.  

“For other designers or people that want design I’d say let your work be intentional and be connected to it in every manner”, he asserted, making it some sort of invaluable advice to other fashion designers in Zimbabwe.

“To the people that wear clothes I’d say have fun with it but be yourself- don’t just put something on because it’s trending or whatever; rather you set the trend.”


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