Saint Academy: The Culture-Bending Fashion Brand by Saint Danger



By Nathaniel Gondo

Saint Danger is a name that has been making waves in the Southern African fashion scene for his daring and innovative designs. He has showcased his creations at various fashion shows and runways across the region, earning acclaim and recognition for his unique style. Now, he is ready to take his brand, Saint Academy, to the next level with the launch of his first official collection: the All Saints Collection (ASC).

The ASC is a summer collection that blends street wear and formal wear, creating a versatile and expressive aesthetic that defies gender norms and boundaries. The collection is designed for both the public and the runway, catering to different tastes and occasions.

Saint Danger, the founder and creative director of Saint Academy, explains the vision behind his brand and collection:

“The Saint Academy brand is all about a community that allows people to express their creativity through fashion and art, without boundaries, with no limits. The collection I made is called ASC and it is for both public and runway shows and I made it for both street wear and formal wear. And yes, this is a summer collection.”

Saint Danger’s earnest journey to launching his own brand was not a stroll in the park. He was mired in dire financial straits as an unemployed creative, struggling to afford the requisite materials and equipment needed to produce his pieces. He had to rely on his innate artistic talent as a fashion stylist and model to fund his passion project. He also drew inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, such as Lekau Sehoana, the founder of Drip Footwear, a lifestyle sneaker brand from South Africa.

“It took me so long to launch because of financial difficulties. I couldn’t find money to buy the materials and the stuff needed because I am unemployed, but we worked around it. I had some side hustles as a fashion stylist and a fashion model so I made money and from that I used it to buy and make all the pieces needed. I have been inspired by a lot of people to start my own brand but there is this one person whose story I can relate to and he is none other than Lekau Sehoana,” Saint Danger said.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable hurdles, Saint Danger persevered and achieved his dream of launching his own brand. Teeming with confidence, he asserts that Saint Academy will make a lasting impact in the global fashion market and influence fashion trends across borders.

“Of course the world ain’t ready yet. We’ve got a lot more coming and we are going to expand nationwide and worldwide in the coming years.”

Saint Danger is also open to collaborating with other creatives and brands in the Zimbabwean fashion sphere, believing that teamwork is indispensable to success and growth.

“Of course I would like to collaborate with other brands here in Zimbabwe. We collaborate, we conquer!”The ASC collection is not yet available for sale, as Saint Danger is aiming for familiarity first.

He holds the firm belief that funds will flow when the brand earns the organic love of ardent fashion enthusiasts. “It will be released soon. I want people to be hooked on it first,” beamed Saint Danger.

Exclusive first looks of the All Saints Collection were posted on Mcheno&More’s X (formerly Twitter) account, followed by a mind blowing set of pictures posted on Saint Danger (saint_danger_official) and Saint Academy (@saint.acad.emy)’s official Instagram handles.

(The media was captured in the heart of the city, and set in a moody gothic aesthetic to complete the mood. It’s Saint Academy season, and class in is session. Go check out the unparalleled creativity of Saint Danger and his community on their social media.)


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