MuchenoAfro showcases a staggering, brilliant 100 pieces on Skeyi and Strobo Fabrikans Convention runway

After successfully showcasing at previous SSFP runways, this was MuchenoAfro's litmus test to prove and confirm their status as one of the kings of runways in Zimbabwe. And they did so in style by displaying a hundred pieces on the runway.


HARARE – After an unfettered three-day celebration of art, fashion, music, and culture, laden with gloriously insightful and nourishing conversations; immersive musical performances; and suave street style, the 8th edition of Skeyi and Strobo Fabrik Party (SSFP), dubbed the Fabrikans Convention, closed off with a runway show that will be indelibly etched in people’s memories.

After an eclectic weekend saturated with surprises, it was clear that the Fabrikans team had the saved the best for last.

The absolute, vivid last memory of this artistic fiesta shall be MuchenoAfro—bringing out one hundred pieces onto the runway commanding the runway, filling every inch of space with a plethora of mesmerising pieces that mirrored glamour, cleanliness and uniqueness.

Image Credit: @VigorousAesthetics

MuchenoAfro, renowned for its unique expertise in upcycling various fabrics, predominantly denim and corduroy, showcased a stunning collection that seamlessly blended old and latest editions.

Their strident commitment to sustainable fashion and innovative design was evident in each distinct piece.

After successfully showcasing at previous SSFP runways, this was a litmus test to prove and confirm their status as one of the kings of runways in Zimbabwe. And they did so in style by displaying a hundred pieces on the runway.

Image Credit: @VigorousAesthetics

Although the magnificently brilliant curation of the runway proved to be a daunting task, given the considerable number of models involved and immediate logistical challenges, MuchenoAfro still delivered an immaculate set.

They expressed profound gratitude for the support received from models and divine intervention while also hyping praise on their previous experience on the runway as it played a crucial role in overcoming obstacles and ensuring a seamless flow of the show.

“It was very challenging and tough to get all the things in order, especially the curation of the runway because of the number of models we had,” alluded Jonah Lesley Mupini, one of the creative minds behind MuchenoAfro.

Image Credit: @VigorousAesthetics

He also added, “But we just gave thanks to God and to the people for understanding the vision, and they just went with the flow. A bit of experience we have on the runway helped as well.”

MuchenoAfro’s impeccable curation was inspired by their vision which transcends norms, smashes societal barricades, and showcases the unwavering belief that anything is possible through faith and prayer.

Their unique runway inspired by their vision seeks to demonstrate MuchenoAfro’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and opening up new territories in the world of fashion.

Image Credit: @VigorousAesthetics

“The curation of our runway was basically inspired by our vision as the brand because we as ‘MuchenoAfro’ our goal is to go beyond the limits, break all the boundaries and show the world that anything is possible you just have to believe,pray for it and have faith. That’s why we decided to do our own unique runway that’s never been done before,” said Nomutsa Mukechi.

After curating such a set the three designers were in awe mode as they had no words to describe the moment as the runway set was flawless and again expressed gratitude to their stakeholders for the valued support.

From left: Lesley Mupini, Nomutsa Mukechi, Shingai Shamu [Image Baobab Media]

“There are no exact words that can really express how we are feeling right now but all we can say is that we are so grateful for the support we received. It’s really amazing seeing everyone appreciating our art and wanting to know more about our brand and how fashion and art works,” Shingai Shamu also known as Kwashingi Designer, described.

As for the next runway, the MuchenoAfro trio gave rock-solid reassurances that they will exclusively feature spectacular designs—something never seen before; and they aim to establish themselves as one of the formidable fashion brands in Zimbabwe and beyond, lucidly underscoring their deep commitment to the creative industry.

Image Credit: @VigorousAesthetics

Mupini elucidated MuchenoAfro’s dedication stating, “As always, we can only promise fireworks more unique designs. We are fully committed, and this is just the beginning. We have a long journey ahead, so stay tuned and watch this space.”

Their runway was so perfect that the super-amazing MC of the day King Bilius commented, “MuchenoAfro completely colonised the runway” and their set also officially closed the 8th SSFP runway.

At its eight edition, the Skeyi and Strobo Fabrik Party cemented itself as a haven for expression and creative talent. One thing was clear, there is no limit to Zimbabwean creativity.

We set to see what the culture curators got in store for us come 2024 as the next SSFP edition comes to life. Be sure to be there, and as always, Mcheno and More will be there to give the coverage.


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