Handy Tips On How To Master Soft Glam Makeup For Beginners



By Yemurai Muchato

What is soft glam makeup?

Soft glam makeup can adorn stunning resplendence for you in quick, easy steps. But before we share our easy-to-follow breakdown on how to master a soft glam look, we’d be remiss not to explain what soft glam really entails. According to the experts at L’Oréal Paris, soft glam is a little bit more than ‘no makeup-makeup’.

Picture and think of it as the elevated version of your daily makeup, or the toned down version of a full glam look.

In short it allows you to go for a natural look perfect for any event, night party, lunch with the girls or romantic interest – just don’t make it obvious that there is something on your face because makeup should blend, suavely, and if it stops blending it becomes a mask instead of being a smooth part of you.

How to Create a Soft Glam Makeup Look

There are quite a number of soft glam makeup looks, but below are quick handy tips on how to create a seamless vibe that’s easy and flattering on just about everyone, without doing too much. The goal is to look porch on a low budget (both time and material wise).

1. Even Out Your Complexion With a Natural-Looking Base Product

One of the major keys to mastering a soft glam look is ensuring that your skin looks natural. To do this, skip full-coverage foundation and opt for something with more sheer coverage that you can build up.

Moisturize face with a primer

Personally I would encourage skipping the foundation and heading straight to a concealer that matches your skin tone, because we are not about to have light skin huns walking around with a darker tone and vice-versa.

Concealer has a natural finish that gets slightly more luminous throughout the day without looking greasy, and it’s comfortable to wear for hours on end. It blurs imperfections without creating a mask-like effect on the face, and it can be built up in areas where you need more coverage.

2. Subtly Brighten Your Under-Eye Area

Applying a concealer that’s multiple shades lighter than your complexion under your eyes will create a stark contrast rather than a natural-looking brightness.

Shape your eyebrows with a concealer

3. Give Your Cheeks a Flush

Flushed cheeks instantly bring your face to life. Remember the goal is to look pretty but on a low budget so I would encourage a red lipstick on the cheeks and you blend, it works as a natural blush and combines perfectly with the concealer used as foundation, the little trick also allows you to skip the highlighter .

Apply some eyeshadow

4. Create Soft Eyeliner

One way to ensure your makeup look is elevated while remaining soft is to create eyeliner using eyeshadow.

Rather than creating winged eyeliner with a bold liquid, prime your eyes with your concealer and dip into a matte eyeshadow color of your choice (preferably a dark color depending on skin tone) with an angled eyeliner brush.

Press the brush into your upper lash line and gently flick it outwards at your outer corners to create a wing shape and lift your eyes.

ProMchenoTip: While you can skip eyeshadow all together in favor of focusing on the eyeliner, applying eyeshadow on your lips creates a perfect natural ombré which you can top off with Absolute lip gloss or any of your choice that’s transparent but shiny and stays for long.

Apply some foundation

5. Layer on Mascara

To give you eyes definition, apply a volumizing mascara (waterproof preferably). For a toned-down look, apply just one coat. To achieve bolder definition, layer on one to two additional coats. This enables you to stay off the eye lashes so you can have fun with zero fear of looking funny incase you play with your eyes.

Put on some lipstick, apply some setting spray

6. Set the Look In Place

To make sure your look lasts all day long, be sure to set it in place with a setting spray. Opting for a setting spray over a powder ensures that you’re not left with a powdery or cakey finish but rather a natural looking glow on a low budget.

ProMchenoTip: You can pair your stunning face with anything, from cargo pants and an oversized t-shirt coupled with dunks and a pretty purse ,to full on Barbie girl with a mini skirt,block heels and a tank top with a tiny jacket.


p.s – Always carry a jacket to avoid unnecessary hies and heys from the guys with weird looks in the name of ‘it’s chilly ain’t you a little cold baby girl‘.

Image credit: @trish_munashe on IG


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