Focus on Revelationz Apparels: Refreshing Fabrics Revolutionising Zimbabwean Streetwear



In the 21st century, fashion has become an underappreciated form of expression.

Thanks to consumerism, ‘fashion’ has been reduced to ‘blind loyalty to brands.’

Most fashion houses that have a rich history of craftsmanship and attention to detail have turned into “the man”, churning out bland pieces for the sake of the bottomline, or just regurgitating designs from their golden era(s).

And like clockwork, that vacuous approach to clothing design has trickled down to here in Zimbabwe. Most ‘fashion brands’ simply print their logo on a t-shirt, call it a day, and become ‘the voices of fashion’ overnight. Damn you globalisation!

Where’s the detail, the character, the story, the creativity?

Well, thanks to the laws of nature, we can always find some wheat amongst the chaff. That’s why Mcheno And More exists—to shine a light on the select best of Zimbabwean fashion.

At just first impressions, it is obvious Revelationz Apparel stands out as an exception amongst the plenty averages.

Revelationz utilises unique materials for their merchandise, going beyond the usual fabrics of choice of most Zimbabwean brands.

“We use material that is unusual and mind-blowing, which any other typical individual or designer wouldn’t use. I use material one could least expect from clothes. I believe you can use any material you want to make anything, despite some materials being labelled for certain tasks.”

Revelationz founder and creative director Langton Muga

These are the words of 21 year old Langton Muga, founder and creative director of Revelationz; as worn by Bling 4, King 98, Karen Katsande, and…well you get the picture—Revelationz is a hot brand.

Bling 4 and reigning Miss UZ Karen Katsande rocking Revelationz

Indeed, the material used by Revelationz is made for the stars, borderline unconventional, and it’s giving ‘top-notch design.’

Some might think he ripped the idea off the internet or something, but Muga has always set himself apart. In this regard, Revelationz is simply an extension of his character.

“I have always opted to be unique. Even when I was growing up, I wanted to be different,” he says.

Speaking on how he ended up creating Revelationz, Muga reveals it started as more of a means of expression, but he decided to go the ‘brand route’ when the uniqueness of his designs garnered interest from his friends.

“I am a design fanatic. I started making clothes for myself, and people around me were commenting and offering to buy the clothes. Therefore, I decided to make a few for resale,” he explains.

Zimbabwe’s creative boom has been largely driven by self-taught creatives who did not attend school to learn their chosen artforms, yet they have found success based mostly off their raw talent and ambition.

This is also the story of the Revelationz creator, as everything he does is naturally inspired, same as his creative process.

“With designing, everything happens naturally. I never learned about it. As funny as it might seem, I actually just have visions of what I would like to design. I always think of a different thing daily,” Muga shares.

Revelationz Autumn/Winter ’24

On top of introducing new materials in contemporary streetwear, Revelationz is also here to revolutionise design, capitalizing on the industry’s already-made mistakes.

Muga says; “As a brand, Revelationz is trying to take this designing game to an end. I’ve noticed some mistakes in the industry, and as a brand, we’re trying to round up all those mistakes and whatever people have been making to provide a solution.”

It is clear that Muga has learnt from the mistakes of his peers, and created his own blueprint for clothing design which leaves the branding to the others, and focuses on rare, quality fabric.

Revelationz tracksuit Autumn/Winter ’24

The Revelationz tracksuit is the superstar of the catalogue, in addition to a wide range of merchandise—something for everyone.

Looking into the future, the young visionary already sees himself rubbing shoulders with the world’s top luxury brands.

“In five years, l see myself at Paris Fashion Week alongside Gucci, Louis Vuitton, among others,” he declares.

Langton Muga and Revelationz are surely on their way.

Just a month into the new year, Revelationz have already hit the ground running, proving that rare fabric is their speciality.

Sticking with the tracksuit blueprint, Revelationz have already released an array of textures and palettes that are unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

Choosing black, brown and grey colourways shows that Muga knows his clientele, and we’re sure the merchandise is flying off the shelves as we type this.

You can check out Revelationz’ latest release on their Instagram, where you can also make an order of any alluring piece from Revelationz’ catalogue. You can also contact Langton Muga directly on WhatsApp to place your order.


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