Focus On Arkustomed: Sustainable Fashion through Wearable Art

What sets Arkustomed apart is Teeknowx's belief that artists are messengers meant to create what the world needs. He sees himself as a proactive messenger, bringing his ideas to life to fulfill those needs.


By Innocent Veremu

Seeking fashion that transcends typical designs—something that resonates with your soul and tells a story? Look no further than Teeknowx, the talented creative art director from Zimbabwe and the mastermind behind the sustainable fashion brand Arkustomed.

Teeknowx is a multi-disciplinary artist involved in various artistic disciplines such as art, fashion, designing, music video production, and photography. He holds a BSc Hons Degree in Business Management from University. He combines his artistic talents and entrepreneurial skills to transform his passion into profitable ventures.

Arkustomed at the Fabrik Party 7th Edition

In 2018, Teeknowx founded Arkustomed, a fashion brand specializing in upcycling clothes, particularly denim and leather materials. The story behind the birth of Arkustomed is fascinating.

Just imagine if there was an Ark like the one Noah built, but for custom clothes.

What kind of pieces you would find in there? This is what Teeknowx had in mind when he started Arkustomed. His sustainable fashion brand focuses on upcycling clothes, especially those made of denim and leather material (jackets, jeans, skirts, and shoes).

Taking these blank canvases, he breathes new life into them by hand painting and DIY-crafting them into wearable art pieces. Through his meticulous craftsmanship, he turns these items into unique wearable art pieces by hand-painting and DIY-crafting.

What sets Arkustomed apart is Teeknowx’s belief that artists are messengers meant to create what the world needs. He sees himself as a proactive messenger, bringing his ideas to life to fulfill those needs. each piece created by Arkustomed carries a powerful message, aiming to change perspectives and evoke emotions.

Arkustomed is steadily going mainstream. Teeknowx has made custom pieces for artists and celebrities like Ishan, Takura, songstress iaRee, King 98, dancer Adam Kudzie, fashion influencer Gerald Marikopo, among others. Arkustomed has also featured on the Skeyi and Strobo Fabrik Party runway, at the 7th edition held in March 2023.

Ishan and King 98 rocking Arkustomed

His most recent piece is a hand painted denim jacket, custom-made for Nadia Nakai. Teeknowx was inspired by the album cover artwork designed by South African artist Karabo Poppy for AKA’s final album Mass Country. Fueled by his creativity, he decided to paint and design a jacket using the artwork.

Teeknowx with Nadia Nakai

Teeknowx incorporated elements from the album cover, using metallic colours to symbolize its platinum and gold status. The jacket also features unique phrases and symbols that resonate with the album’s theme.

He got the opportunity to meet Nadia Nakai and present the jacket to her when she recently performed in Zimbabwe.

Teeknowx’s journey in custom clothing started with inspiration from brands like ‘Writings From Michael’ in the USA. He saw Zimbabwean—born creatives like Dr Chaii and Bantu empowered him to explore his own creative path.

Driven by his passion for art and fashion, Teeknowx creates unique and sustainable pieces through Arkustomed. His goal is to make a positive impact and inspire others through his wearable art.

Though Teeknowx’s pieces are not currently available in physical stores, he frequently organizes pop-up events and exhibitions where you can purchase or auction his creations. You can also anticipate the launch of his website and online gallery/store, where you will have easy access to his remarkable designs.

As for now, can stay connected and be up-to-date on the latest designs and events by following Arkustomed on Instagram. You can also follow Teeknowx on his personal Instagram and X accounts.

For inquiries and orders, you can reach him directly through email at or via WhatsApp.


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