Fabrik Party 2024 dates: Defining culture and crossing borders

The Skeyi and Strobo Fabrik Party has grown from a niche gathering of creatives to one of the most anticipated events on the Zimbabwean creative calendar. In 2024, revellers will enjoy three Fabrik Party events over the next six months. Mark your calendars, here's all the details.


The Skeyi and Strobo Fabrik Party (SSFP) has grown from a niche gathering of creatives to one of the most anticipated events on the Zimbabwean creative calendar.

Whilst Zimbabwean entertainment is mostly dominated by the vacuous pursuit of pleasure and trends, the Fabrik Party has become an oasis for creatives who seek authentic self-expression and sustainable community building.

Humble beginnings — Fabrik Party Second Edition “The Denims are Forever Edition” [Image: Baobab Media]

Eight editions in, whether by design or by chance, the event has become a representation of Zimbabwean alternative culture.

In October 2023, the Skeyi and Strobo collective hosted the first ever 3-day Fabrik Party — dubbed The Fabrikans Convention.

They followed that up earlier in the year with a weekly fete called CBD Market at the First Floor Gallery that has become a melting pot of Harare street culture. The CBD Market is set to go on a hiatus in June, to make way for a “three-course meal” of events that creatives will enjoy over the next six months.

We caught up with Marcus Zvinavashe and Ulenni Okandlovu — the visionaries behind the Skeyi and Strobo collective, who broke down the 2024 calendar for the Fabrik Party with us.

Fabrik Party Zambia — 9 June

You read it right, the Fabrik Party is going up north!

For the first installation of this year’s three events, the Skeyi and Strobo collective has decided to cross Mosi-Ua-Tunya — bouyed by the growing community of Zambian creatives who have have been following the story of the Fabrik Party.

“The Fabrik Party community has grown over the years and its pulse is also alive in Zambia. So, question is ‘why not do it there?’” Marcus explained the rationale for hosting the first ever Fabrik Party outside Zimbabwe.

Marcus ‘Energy Dokta’ Zvinavashe

Ulenni echoed his compadre’s thoughts, as he saw Fabrik Party Zambia as a fulfilment of their vision to bring like-minded creatives together.

“We have always been pushing boundaries, and now we are pushing borders. Above all; the idea is to connect with, as well as connect like-minded creatives through the our platform,” alluded Ulenni.

This first edition of SSFP in Zambia promises to live up to the hype, as Marcus guaranteed “an experience and a day filled with expression, fashion and art.”

The inaugural Fabrik Party Zambia also offers an opportunity for exposure and knowledge exchange for the Skeyi and Strobo collective, as Ulenni alluded;

“We also out there to learn and see how they kick it in the Zambian scene.”

The Zambia edition of the Fabrik Party has been made possible in collaboration with traditional and contemporary arts institution Modzi Arts, and their Zamrock Museum program.

In Zimbabwe, the Fabrik Party has grown from strength to strength due to strategic partnerships with civil society organisations, institutions businesses, brands and creatives. In the same vein, Fabrik Party Zambia presents a platform to unify the creatives of both nations as they learn from each other.

“There is always power in collaboration and also learning from each other. This is an opportunity to learn from each other and exchange skills something that will add, spotlight and create opportunities for all,” explained Marcus.

Fabrik Party Bulawayo — August

After staging activations in Bulawayo, Gweru and Victoria Falls last year; the Skeyi and Strobo Fabrik Party returns to KoNtuntu this August, now as a full day event.

Yet Galore showcases at the Victoria Falls Fabrik Party Activation, circa June 2023

As Mcheno And More has endeavored to showcase, Bulawayo has its own bubbling-under creative scene and it is only right that it gets its own Fabrik Party.

With little over a week to go to Fabrik Party Zambia, the team has its hands full for the regional event; and they will reveal more details about Fabrik Party Bulawayo as the event gets closer.

Going forward, does this mean the decentralisation of SSFP going to continue? Marcus answered;

“We endeavor to connect and engage everyone in every space because we are one big art and design community and platform. This is just the beginning as we strive to make our mark and leave our footprint beyond the country and the region altogether.”

Fabrikans Convention — 25-27 October

If you attended The Fabrikans Convention in October 2023, chances are you’re already saving up for this year’s edition of the three-day soiree.

The 9th edition of the Fabrik Party is set to be hosted during the last weekend of October — from the 25th to the 27th.

Ulenni Okandlovu on set for the ‘See Me Now’ music video, circa March 2024

Usually recluse, Ulenni kept his cards close to his chest and did not divulge much; only managing to reveal;

“The curation will be different that’s all I can say. We continue to build, and challenge ourselves in creating a wholesome experience.”

As the Fabrik Party cements its status as Zimbabwe’s foremost creative event, the Skeyi and Strobo collective remains grounded in the same ethos they held during the “niche gathering of creatives” days.

“The vision has and continues to be to have a platform that represents underrepresented subcultures, artforms and movements within street art culture,” concluded Marcus.

If the team has made it this far, these three scheduled events will surely continue taking the Skeyi and Strobo collective down that path — for the benefit of creatives all around Africa and a better reality for creators and consumers alike.


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