Club SYFTK: The Christian Brand Spreading The Gospel Through Fashion


By Nathaniel Gondo

Fashion has always been used as a medium of expressing concepts, values and, beliefs. Your clothing speaks for you before you do, and sometimes you are judged solely by the way you dress.

In a country where 84% are Christians, Club SYFTK seeks to take modern day evangelism beyond the churches and WhatsApp groups, to the clothes you wear.

Club SYFTK was founded by Munopaishe Makande, who is also the Creative Director. SYFTK is an acronym taken straight out of the Bible.

Munopaishe Makande

It stands for ‘Seek Ye First The Kingdom’. The brand stands on Christian ethos, and Makande believes that putting God first is essential for achieving success in life.

He explains “This is a Christian clothing brand based in Zimbabwe. The brand exclusively embraces the need for a person to seek God first in order to get anything that they want in life. This message is taken from Matthew 6:33 which says ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.'”

The brand name is unique and authentically Christian, clearly communicating what it represents.

It takes a brilliant mind to conceptualize a brand around a singular concept and come up with a name that is coherent with that concept.

Makande says “With SYFTK, how it came about was that I was brainstorming on a brand name that was unique, authentic and sends a message. It struck me as I was reading my favourite verse (Matt 6:33). I just took the first letters to create SYFTK.”


This moment of inspiration wasn’t instantaneous, though. Makande had the idea floating around his head for almost three years before he settled on the apt name.

He adds, “The clothing brand concept came about 3 years ago and I’ve had different names for it but they didn’t feel original.”

According to Makande, Club SYFTK is more of a community of like-minded Christians coalescing to appreciate God’s impact in their life.

“This brand is more of a community (hence the ‘Club’) that brings people together to glorify our Creator for all the things he has done for our life. Our motto is: IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?” adds Makande.

As the brand is still starting out, they’re using the power of social media to connect with their patrons. A physical location is an eventuality that Makande envisions.

So far, they have released an impressive graphic t-shirt(available in black or white) that has a simple front, but leaves all the awe for the back.

Makande plans on releasing more pieces as the brand grows.

Look out for Club SYFTK cargo pants, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

You can connect with Club SYFTK on their official Instagram: @clubsyftk


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